A Prayer for Elliot

From Janet C:

Dear St Francis of Assisi, Please pray and intercede for my dog Elliot that he will be a brave dog. He will not afraid to bath, and go out to walk like the rest of the dog. Most important thing thing he will do his daily business outside the yard and garden and not at home. I believe you will talk to him in your own special way and guide him. Thank you St Anthony of Assisi for your loving guidance. Your catholic daughter.

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One Response to “A Prayer for Elliot”

  1. Susi Pittman says:

    Dear Jesus, we unite our prayers with Janet for a release from fears for her dog Elliot. Saint Brigit, Saint Julian minister to this pup and St. Francis please fortify Janet in her continued care of him. Jesus, all aspects of Your creatures are known to you at all times and always. We trust in You and ask for a special healing here. Lord of Creation, how we love you! Amen.

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