Prayers for Chakul’s healing

From Aadita C:

Hello, I would like to submit a prayer for my German Shepherd Chakul who is 8 years old and is suffering from pyometra. She is in India where there is not a lot of veterinary facilities for surgery (which is what pyometra requires) and we are treating her with antibiotics and other medicine to reduce the infection so we can find a surgeon to operate on her. Please pray for her return to health. Thank you in advance, A

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One Response to “Prayers for Chakul’s healing”

  1. Susi Pittman says:

    Dear Jesus, You know Chakul intimately as she was Yours first and gifted to Aadita. Please put Your healing hand upon her. We pray for a miracle. We pray the intercessions of St. Cosmas and St. Damian for a surgeon to aid her. Bless Aadita in her stewardship and care of Chakul as they journey through this health issue. All praise and glory is Yours my Lord! Amen.

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