Prayers for cats adoptions

From Patty C:

Hi: I try to help out the stray cats in our neighborhood. In November I trapped and had spayed and Neutered 4 cats (Mother cat) 1 female kittens and 2 male kittens; who are 8 months old and are healthy cats (no feline leukemia). I already have 3 cats, my Mom has Dementia and needs extra help now and my husband said I can keep the one male kitten. However the male (pictured above) and the mother and female kitten need homes. Please pray that I can find good homes for these dear little cats. I have kept them inside since I had them spayed and neutered in November and they adjusted well to being inside. Also pray that the mother cat and female Kitten become friendlier and less skittish. They aren’t mean, just scared. I can’t pet or pick them up so it is hard to advertise for those two to get a home. I need prayers for guidance and help. Thank you for your prayers.  Patty

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One Response to “Prayers for cats adoptions”

  1. Susi Pittman says:

    Dear Jesus: Patty is Your good steward, caring for these cast off cat and kittens with great love and attention. Please assist her in finding forever homes for these beautiful and loving cats. We pray the intercession of St. Gertrude and St. Rita in touching the right hearts for these cats. Send Your Angels to assist Patty as she patiently continues caring for these sweet babies. All glory is Yours Lord! Amen.

    PS: Patty, I have had several momma cats and kitten families that I have taken in. One of those was a very feral mother cat with 3 kittens that I took in back in 2010. The kittens adapted after about 6 months to human touch and living within the home and today are loving, playful members of my family. Momma cat too is with me. She has resisted human touch, but today will sit close to me and allows me to walk up to her. I see in her eyes her trust of me, but she was wounded way too bad for trust in touch. That doesn’t matter to me. We live accordingly, loving each other in the way she has chosen.

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