Praying for Jasper

From Gina T:

Please pray for my cat, Jasper. He’s lethargic and not eating on his own and it’s not looking good. He’s such a trooper though, full of fight–and has pulled through at other times when things looked bad, but I fear this could be the “9th life” as he is 21 next month. I’ve taken him to the vet and results won’t be back for a couple days but in the meantime I’ve just been trying to do everything to help him eat and drink and make him comfortable … I just can’t even imagine losing this little angel who has been by my side all these years and such a comfort to me and many other family members over the years. I feel greedy asking for even more time with him and for what might be a miracle at this point, but no time seems like enough and I feel I must try. Our vet has treated cats to age 28 and we had another live to 25 (my husband believes) and just a week ago – actually a couple days ago, I had to walk fast to catch up to him to keep him away from a certain area so I believe he could live longer too! We just love him so much. Everyone who has ever met and known him has loved him. He is really such a sweetheart and losing him will be like losing a lung. Thank you so much and God Bless you all, Gina

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One Response to “Praying for Jasper”

  1. Susi Pittman says:

    Dearest Jesus, we unite our prayers with Gina and ask for a miracle healing for Jasper. He has been Your great gift of unconditional love to Gina and her family and we thank You Lord for this great good! Please Lord, if it is your will give him a little more time and send Your angels to minister to Gina and give her peace. We believe that all that You love and loves You…comes to You. Our pets seem to see You so clearly as our eyes are covered with earthly scales. All of our pet families knew You first and like us they too desire to return home at the appointed time. We pray that Jasper may be delayed just a little. Thank You Lord for loving our pets so very much!! Amen.

    PS-We will also be praying for Brandy’s miracle and her family’s peace.

    Peace in Jesus dear sister.

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