Lily may you rest in peace

From Marianne B:

My sweet gentle cat Lily died suddenly a few days ago she was only 6 years old.I am asking the Lord for a sign that she,s alright and she lives in Gods love, I am heartbroken and miss her presence.Thankyou for your prayers Marianne,

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One Response to “Lily may you rest in peace”

  1. Susi Pittman says:

    Dear Jesus, we thank You for Lily’s presence in Marianne’s life; Your great gift of unconditional love reflected in all she did. We know that she now has returned back home to the One she knew first, her Creator, our Lord. You have prepared for every creature, especially that which You called “very good.” Please send Your angels to minister to Marianne and give her peace. Glory to You O Lord who loses NOTHING that the Father has given You! Amen.

    PS: Marianne, I would like to ask you to place a statue of St. Francis in your garden, and bless it to the memory of your beloved Lily. Take the time to visit it and meditate upon the great love that this saint shared with all creation, and the love that Lily shared as her gift from God to you.

    Peace dear sister.

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