Rest In Peace Ian

From David E:

New Years day. “IAN” our four year year old miracle rescued cat… was crying in distress. Hard day crisis – no vets available. I have been praying; he seems to have calmed some and began eating. PTL (So hard with babies or animals who cannot communicate. ) “Oh Lord, thank you that You can communicate and the animals have no doubts.”

Ian, our cat is still with us. He got sick early on January 1st. *** I have been praying for him even laying on of hands. Pray he can drink again. It is a holiday weekend, very difficult snd expensive to get a vet on New Years. We do not have the money for such expenses; its not that we are being calous; nor do we want him to suffer. I still have hope. Years ago a cat got up off a sick bed after not drinking for three days and got his frail self down from the second floor. Shocked us in a good way.

IAN cat four yr old 60 hr update: *** Last night at 21:30 Ian started to drink water after about 46 hrs. THEN he decided to go down to the first level (with help). I have been with him most of the time praying and encouraging him. He just went into his litter; he needs to be able to pee. Thanking the Lord. And thanking you folks – its wonderful to have support.

IAN our beloved cat: He passed away sometime after 07:00. His breathing had become quite shallow. I had gone to lie down and he was gone when I came back.

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One Response to “Rest In Peace Ian”

  1. Susi Pittman says:

    Dear Jesus, we know that Ian is now back home with You his Creator forever, never to suffer again and eternally living in Your peace and joy. He was such a loving and beautiful gift from Your hands to David and his family and we thank You for his presence in this world. We know without hesitation that our prayers for Ian were heard, but, as You willed it Lord, it was his appointed time to return. Send Your angels to minister to David and family, that they may have the peace of knowing that Ian is loved beyond this world. Your words remind us:
    ~Because creation itself also will be delivered from its slavery to corruption into the freedom of the glory of the sons of God…and not only it, but we ourselves also who have the first fruits of the Spirit.~ ROM 8:21,23

    Nothing ever escapes Your gaze and we are grateful. Amen

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