Praying for Rowdy

Deacon Joseph T:

Please pray for our little albino ferret “Rowdy” as he goes in for an examination tomorrow as to why he’s losing hair. Rowdy is four and a half years of age and they symptoms look like they could be “Adrenal Gland Disease”, which could be fatal. I pray for your prayers and the intercession of St. Francis, St. Charbell and St. Martin De Porres. I thank you so much.

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One Response to “Praying for Rowdy”

  1. Susi Pittman says:

    Dear Jesus, we ask that Your loving and healing hand be upon little Rowdy. You Lord are the Master Healer and we trust in You. We gratefully thank You for Joseph who cares for Rowdy as Your good steward and we ask that Your special blessing be upon them both. All glory is Yours alone Lord, Amen.

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