Prayers for Tulut

From Nandya:

My cat’s name is Tulut. Tulut is 7 months breeder (mixed) male cat. Tulut is sick since 3 days ago, he had viruses, and now he hospitalized in the vet. Today i came to see him and he looks so weak, he doesn’t want to eat and doctor said it’s difficult to help him swallow the medicine. I saw Him breath but his breath seems different, his furs are trembling, he looks so cold, and doctor said he only had 50 percent chance to keep alive. I was so upset to see him so weak. So, please come with me and pray with me for my beloved cat, Tulut. Tulut is everything for me, he is my entertain, my bestfriend, my everything. And we don’t want to lose our cat Tulut for too fast. I cried a lot today, i speak to God, i pray to God, to heal my beloved cat so that he could be cured. I really need your prayer to help him cured in the name of Jesus. Because in the name of Jesus, nothing is impossible! Miracle is for real! So once again, please. Please help me to pray for him together for his recovery progress. I’d much appreciated your prayers. Thank you so much, Nandya.

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One Response to “Prayers for Tulut”

  1. Susi Pittman says:

    **Catholic Stewards were on Christmas vacation from December 17th until January 6th. We received your prayer request during that time. Please know that your email was shared with our prayer warriors when it was received though it did not post until later.

    Dearest Jesus, we know that these sweet cats were always in Your gaze. We ask for a miracle healing, but as You will it Lord. For You know all things and we trust in You always. We ask that You send Your angels to minister to Nandya and bring her peace. We thank you Lord for hearing our prayers. Amen.

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