Praying for safety of cats

From Oona P:

Please pray for the continued safety of Earl, Max, Rosie and Nut. Earl and Nut are cats rehomed to a tack shed with food daily and in the PM. They have only ever been street cats, and never country cats. A predator has been roaming – and we pray that it MOVES AWAY from this property area where the kitties live. These 4 are especially vulnerable having no experience of animal predators, and not much shelter from them should they be caught out on level ground. Please, please, please pray the coyote, fox or owls move to another location and leave the poor cats in peace AND safety. I pray especially for these 4 cats. Also pray hard for Earl – new to the barn and Nut – that they LEARN to COME FOR FOOD in the AM, and do not “disappear” to the woods. That they hide up in the hay loft where there is warmth and dry shelter free of predators. (And probably there are mice to hunt too). But mostly we pray for protection from all hazards esp from other animals and predators and that they learn to RELAX and come out and sun themselves in the day time…

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One Response to “Praying for safety of cats”

  1. Susi Pittman says:

    Dear Jesus we ask Your blessing of love and fortitude upon Oona as she cares for these cast-a-way kitties. It is such a hard job and yet she answered Your call to assist them. All of them are known to you and Your Lord claim them in this world and will bring them to You in the next. Please send Your Angels to protect these cats from harm especially at this time of year. You O Lord love all that You have created and set forth upon this earth as good. Hear our prayer dearest Jesus. Amen.

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