Prayers for Buddy

From Connie R:

My Mom n Dad’s dog Buddy has been falling down and having so much trouble getting up by himself. They say it is arthritis. Please pray for a healing for Buddy.

This is Buddy. I love him like he is mine. He has arthritis and recently has started having a hard time getting up off the floor. He walks around all the time pacing and panting.then he falls down and can’t get back up. He was a rescue dog and they have had him about three years….please pray for him to be healed or whatever God thinks best. Thank you so much ❤

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One Response to “Prayers for Buddy”

  1. Susi Pittman says:

    Dear Jesus, we ask Your healing hand upon Buddy. He is dealing with the harbingers of older age and is working hard to get around them. Please hold him and help him. We trust in You always Lord. Amen.

    PS: Connie, my Dalmatian Buddy is 11 years old, has arthritis and had been experiencing a lot of what you describe. I have worked with my Veterinarian on keeping him pain free as much as possible and I am giving him a Glucosomine supplement. It has truly helped him and perhaps your Buddy would benefit with this type of help. I would encourage your parents to visit Buddy’s vet with him and see. We will be praying for him. Susi +

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