Prayers for Prince

From Steven M:

Our little black and white shetlie is nearly fifteen. She suffers from a collapsed disc, her back which paralyzes her back legs. Her pancreas and kidneys are strained. She was in the hospital 3 days and is doing fairly well on her meds and changing her diet. But she is getting more feeble, is now not eating well and easily collapses. We need the help of the LORD GOD in prayer for tis little girl. Her name is Prince. The veterinarian says she’s in renal failure. Yesterday the Priest gave us holy water for her. Last night she looked a little better. She’s back in the hospital today for more fuids. Thanks -

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One Response to “Prayers for Prince”

  1. Susi Pittman says:

    Dear Jesus, this elder pup is looking into Your eyes–You know her well! Lord, if it is Your will, please bring her healing. Steven doesn’t want her to suffer, but, would like to keep her just a little longer to love her. May the Holy Water bring her peace and bless her. ALL of Your creatures return home to You at their appointed time. We praise Your name that You have given ALL creatures the promise of eternal life with You & the Father. Please assist Steven’s needs and hear our prayers O Lord. All glory is Yours! Amen.

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