Prayers for Audrey Lee & beloved cat

From Audrey Lee:

Hi my little cat that is 14 year old needs prayer to be found and returned back home. I am the only one shes knows. I caught her in October 4 200. She was no bigger than a 6 weeks old kitten. She and 21 other cats were at the warsaw mo dam she was the smallest of them.She has not ever been out side. I kept her in the house to keep her safe and how she got away. I had lost my home and ask these people if they could look after her. I had her in a big pet carrier with her food and water plus her litter box.the first day went fine I pick her up and the next day after I got off from work I went to pick her up she was gone just the pet carrier and the door was shut they told me she raised the door her self and there was no way. I feel horrible for putting her in the wrong hands.I have look and look for her I can not find her I wish they would tell me the truth. thank you

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One Response to “Prayers for Audrey Lee & beloved cat”

  1. Susi Pittman says:

    Dear Jesus, this beloved cat is known to You wherever she may be. May she be protected in Your care and know loving kindness. We pray for the miracle of a reunion Lord, it it is Your will. Please wrap Audrey Lee in Your peace, that she may know that no matter what, her cat is before You, both here and hereafter. Amen.

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