Prayers for Ashley & Prophet

From Adriane F:

I need prayers for our two cats Ashley and Prophet. They keep getting fleas and we have tried everything to get rid of them. We get rid of them for a while and they keep coming back. They are indoor cats. we have a lot of stray cats around here and we think that’s how they keep getting them. Sometimes he cant walk, he drags his leg. He wont eat and stays in hiding. We need prayers so the fleas leave them and our home. If we cant rid of them we will have to find a new home for them because we cant watch them suffer any more. But they are our family and we love them so much we will do all it takes to keep them with us. They used to sleep in our room but now because of the fleas we have to shut all the doors and I feel bad for them so very bad. Please God help them

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One Response to “Prayers for Ashley & Prophet”

  1. My cat had the same problem with fleas until I ran into this product. Here is a website:

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