Trooper doing good, prayers for Yolanda, Aurora and Aria

From MJ:

Greetings, Susi and prayer warriors. I’ve asked you in the past for prayers for my cat, Trooper, who has mast cell cancer, is diabetic, and was recently diagnosed with cardiomyopathy and hyperthyroidism. Despite everything, Trooper looks good (albeit very skinny), is happy, is eating, and doing everything like a healthy cat would. I’m here today to ask for prayers for my other cats: Yolanda (Trooper’s mother); Aurora (Trooper’s sister); and Aria. They are overdue for their annual check-ups, so they are scheduled to go to the vet tomorrow. Please pray with me that they are healthy and thriving. Thank you for all you do, and know that I pray for you and all the pets in need.

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One Response to “Trooper doing good, prayers for Yolanda, Aurora and Aria”

  1. Susi Pittman says:

    Dearest Jesus, we thank You for Your hand upon Trooper and his being sustained in good condition, we thank You for hearing the prayers of so many. We ask Lord that Your hand of loving providence upon Aurora, Yolanda and Aria and blessings upon MJ as she cares for her pet family. Amen.

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