Praying for Angus

From Stephanie G:

I found your website after a very trying few days with our pet dog Angus. He is sick and I am so devastated. He has liver and kidney problems and had to be put on drips. He is so weak from not eating that it’s heart breaking to see him every single time. We had to leave him at the vet for proper care. He’s only seven years old and we want to love him for a lot longer but every time we went to the vet, the news isn’t great. Please help us pray for Angus, he’s a gentle dog and we love him. Thank you for your prayers, Stephanie and Daniel

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One Response to “Praying for Angus”

  1. Susi Pittman says:

    Dear Jesus, You know Angus’ condition…so we come to You to ask for a miracle. Your love has shined through Angus’ eyes and brought beauty into Stephanie and Daniels lives. As are all of our pets, Angus belonged to You first. Jesus, may Your merciful hand be upon Angus. We ask the intercessions of St. Damian and St. Cosmas to assist the veterinarian. We thank the Holy Father for reminding the whole world that Redemption is for all creation, not just man. Great peace rests with all pet owners and we are grateful for this holy message. You Lord love all our beloved pets, for they are the “good” that so makes this world a better place. May Your peace be upon Stephanie and Daniel. Amen.

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