Prayers for a sweet dog

From Debbie L:

Pax Christi, I have never contacted an unknown person via email in my life and happened across your website while trying to find out what the Catholic position was on euthanasia of pets. I know what my personal feelings are, and that is that ALL life is sacred and that a lot of times animals are closer to God by nature than we humans are by grace. I have been an animal lover all my life and God has taught me about Himself through my relationship with His animals.

Now to my problem, when I moved here there was a dog living under an abandon house across the street. She had a bad cased of mange and I could not stand watching her come from under the house every evening and scratching herself crazy (literally ), so I started feeding her to get her to trust me enough to try to cure her mange. She is fixed and has had some attention in her life as she runs up to you and immediately sits. She also shakes when you give her praise. She is on the older side of life and very docile once she gets to know you. I was able to cure the mange but she suffers from what I and the Vet believe to be allergies. She is still miserably scratching herself and gets sores and looses her hair where the sores appear, ( constant sores with hair loss ).

I am staying in a house that is being provided for me and have two older cats that I brought with me. The owners allow the cats but are NOT receptive of other animals being in the house.

I truly believe if she were to have an inside home she would do much better. I am not able to bring her inside and I really cannot afford her upkeep. I have tried to find her an inside home but have not been successful. I don’t know what to do. She is such a sweet dog and I don’t want to put her to sleep but I cant help her either. Any prayers and/or suggestions would be gratefully appreciated!

Pax Christi Debbie

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