Continued prayers for Chance

From Lory C:

I have requested prayer for my cat Chance that has diabetes.he got sick again and the vet did a glucose curve. His diabetes is not under control.the vet said, ” I don’t understand this you have gone above and beyond with your care and home care journal.” If he is not regulated this week I will have to put him down.his quality of life is not good at this point.I am diabled and have a fixed income.I haven’t paid any of my bills in order to pay for vets for cat.

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One Response to “Continued prayers for Chance”

  1. Susi Pittman says:

    Dearest Jesus, we have continued our prayers for Chance’s healing, holding him up to You for Your will to be done. Lord, we pray for a miracle. We know Lord, that what appears to be unanswered prayers are indeed answered. We trust in You ALWAYS Jesus, for You alone know the timing and purpose for every single living creature on earth. We pray for peace in Lory’s heart and for assistance from kind souls. We ask graciously Lord. Amen.

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