Prayers for Hailey’s passing and her family

From Lety:

Please pray for our pet Hailey who has been a member of our family x 15 years. She is going into liver failure and her body is starting to shut down. I give thanks that GOD gave us the opportunity to have her in our family. I also ask for prayers for my children who have become attached to her so that they are able to handle the worst when it comes. Thanks again.

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One Response to “Prayers for Hailey’s passing and her family”

  1. Susi Pittman says:

    Dearest Jesus, are calling Hailey back to Your eternal home for all creation. We unite our prayers with Lety in giving thanks for Your gift of Hailey to their family. Hailey has lived a long and faithful life in love and duty to her family. Her eternal rest awaits. We are all asked to approach you as little children in matters of faith…to trust that what YOU have told us is true and forever…ALL THAT THE FATHER GIVES TO ME SHALL COME TO ME…I SHOULD LOSE NOTHING OF WHAT HE HAS GIVEN ME, BUT THAT I SHOULD RAISE IT UP ON THE LAST DAY. Truly Lord, we believe and give thanks. Amen.

    PS It was Saint John Bosco who was given a visit to the “glorified natural” in Heaven where all of the natural world was made perfect. Animals have been seen in heaven by not only some of our great saints but, by children who have gone through a near death experience, who would have no predisposition to religious dogma.

    Be at peace and know that the Creator takes inventory of ALL that he has created…He is THAT powerful. Amen.

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