Thank you for your prayers for Jigme

From Suzanne O:

Thank-you very much for the prayers yesterday for my dog Jigme ( he has swellings )

- he had funny tummy very & bad vomiting . already he has stopped all that all today

& he did eat 2 small meals.he has lost weight since yesterday so the swellings look

smaller . Thank-you so much for being there for my pets & animal friends , with the special

option for spiritual healing. am so happy Jiggie is better . just wish the swellings would go down more .

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One Response to “Thank you for your prayers for Jigme”

  1. Susi Pittman says:

    Dear Jesus, we continue to hold Jigme up to you in prayer. May Your mercy continue in aiding this beloved pet in getting better. We pray a special spiritual bouquet for Suzanne in her care of her best friend. Glory to the Author of Life! Amen.

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