For Joshua’s leaving

From Carole I:

I am asking for prayers for my beloved dog, Joshua. I found him as a puppy four years ago and I have cared and loved him ever since. He came into my home with three cats and my Llasa Apso. It has been hard, because he has a strong prey drive, and unfortunately he can be unpredictable around the other animals. He is a great dog, but a recent incident has caused me great concern. No one was seriously hurt but the outcome could have been tragic. It is with a heavy heart that he will be placed in a no kill shelter. I feel as if I have failed as a pet parent and worry about how he will fare moving forward without me. I am asking for prayers for him to find a loving family where he can be the only household pet and receive all love and attention he deserves. Please pray for me and that my steps have been ordered by God to make this decision for my beloved dog. In Jesus name, Amen

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One Response to “For Joshua’s leaving”

  1. Susi Pittman says:

    Dearest Jesus, like so many of humankind, Joshua is hard to love. He is is suffering with issues that You alone Lord see and that I am sure Lord, if it is Your will, Joshua may be healed of these. May Your Loving Hand at this most Holy time be upon this dog and a renewal that will bring him a blessed and happy ending. Glory to Our Risen Lord! Amen.

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