Prayers for 2 lost cats

From Linda K:

Hi, Thanks for your website. I am so devastated and so is my 88 year old mother. Our 10 year old cat, Kitty, a stray we adopted, has been missing since 1 pm yesterday as well as his buddy, who we also call Kitty, an abandoned cat, a beautiful Maine coon, who has been living on our front porch for the last couple of years – in complete luxury, padded rocking chair, outdoor covered house and always food and water. He’s very skittish and an outdoor cat, and he only lets me pet and groom him. These cats take care of each other – when the Maine coon was hurt this fall, Kitty came home and led us to him in the bushes. So its so puzzling that they have vanished together. They always show up for meals and also its been cold here in Atlanta, so Kitty would otherwise be home to sleep inside (often with me). I’ve checked three county animal shelters,an email has been sent out to the entire subdivision and I’ve searched their usual haunts, various bushes around the neighborhood and nearby woods. They don’t roam much further. No one has seen them. And they would never go into anyone’s garage or crawl space – the Maine Coon particularly is very cautious and also a big cat – it would be hard for anyone to catch him and cage him. Kitty is a love bug and someone could pick him up and carry him off, but yesterday, it was rainy and foggy in the neighborhood – we live in a gated community – and security at the gate told me Animal control wasn’t in, and there weren’t yard workers of any type, just some deliveries. Our neighborhood all know the cats, so I can’t imagine anyone would take them or harm them. Our only concern is that there have been coyotes in the woods around here and our fear is maybe the cats were attacked. But we haven’t seen any black crows or buzzards in any surrounded wooded areas, which would be sign of a carcass. Anyway, thank you for your prayers. My rosary group at church also prayed for the cats protection and safety today. I have frequently prayed over them, offering them to God, Lord Jesus, Mother Mary and St Francis, as examples of the perfection of creation, and my gratitude for stewardship of them, such loving cats. I pray for mom and I to overcome the heartbreak of losing them. They would be home by now, believe me, so they’ve either been stolen or dead.

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One Response to “Prayers for 2 lost cats”

  1. Susi Pittman says:

    Dear Jesus, we continue to hold Linda and her lost kitties up to You in prayer. Only You Jesus know their whereabouts. You Lord are the final home for all the good creatures that you have given us to reflect Your eternal and unconditional love. We know that You have promised us that in Your Holy Word. “All that the Father gives me, will come to me.” May the Holy Spirit fill Linda and her mother with peace, that nothing escapes Your gaze, and that You will see that their beloved cats will be taken care of. Thank you Lord for the beauty of our pet families. Amen.

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