Minnie returns to the Master

From Carmen A:

My Minnie left me just over three weeks ago. I miss my baby girl terribly, and I cry bitterly for her. Because of the teachings of my Catholic faith about animals and souls, this loss is more difficult on me that that of even my parents. How could such pure innocence and such pure love be anything other than a gift from my God? Sometimes I wonder if Jesus did not address animal salvation because there simply was nor need to. They are sinless. We, the sinners, are the ones He came to save from our own sins. When I think of animals and heaven, mammals and birds stand out. They are warm blooded as we are. Mammals give birth to their young and nurse them as we do. Birds protect their eggs, keep them warm, and feed their young. Mammals and birds protect their young as we do. Like us, mammal and bird parents suffer terribly if their young are threatened. Mammals and birds are capable of love as we are. They love one another, and they love us if given the opportunity. Where does all love come from if not from God? Animals serve as another channel for God’s eternal love. None of the examples given apply to cold blooded animals. I do not know where the obligation originated, but I find it interesting that we are not to eat meat on Fridays during Lent. We are permitted to eat cold blooded animals but not God’s warm blooded creatures through which love flows. Jesus Christ was a shepherd with warm blooded sheep. He chose the lamb to symbolize Himself. The Holy Spirit appeared as a dove. For all these reasons, I struggle with what my Catholic faith teaches about animals especially when suffering the loss of my baby girl so pure, so innocent, and so unconditionally loving. It seems that she exemplified what Jesus taught us earns a place in heaven. Carmen

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One Response to “Minnie returns to the Master”

  1. Susi Pittman says:

    Dear Jesus, receive back Your gift of Minnie. We unite with Carmen in our prayers of thanksgiving for Minnie. Minnie now rests in Your kingdom eternal, awaiting the day of reunion. May Your peace be upon Carmen as she moves through her grief. You are Lord of all creatures and You promise a home a eternal for all creation and humankind. Praise and glory are yours. Amen.

    Carmen, it is evident someone in the Faith has told you that animals do not go to heaven. Please know that the Roman Catholic Church has never said that animals DON’T go to heaven, nor have they said they DO. It is one of those theological issues that is not included in the dogma of the Church, but, the Church in NO way rules against animals in heaven. Please take the time to read my current response to this answer on the ASK SUSI column http://www.catholicstewardsofcreation.com/ask-susi/

    Be at peace dear sister. Minnie will be waiting for you.


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