For Lucy’s return

From Lei R:

Lucy, our 3 yr old basset hound wandered too far from home to find her way back and is lost. She was spotted 5 days ago 7 miles from home and has not been seen since. She is VERY timid and will run if approached. She has a collar with our phone number, but I do not believe she will let anyone she doesn’t know catch her. Praying to St. Francis and St. Huber of Liege that she finds someone to trust so they can call us and we can bring her home safe and sound. In the meantime, please watch over her and keep her safe. Please pray for Lucy to be safe and home soon!! She is lost and wandering near Waterloo, IL. Has not been spotted for 5 days. She has been gone a week today…. She is so timid and shy that she will not let anyone unfamiliar approach her.

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One Response to “For Lucy’s return”

  1. Susi Pittman says:

    Dearest Jesus, we continue to pray for Lucy. She is known to You alone. We ask Lord, that she be safe and if it is Your will, to bring her home to Lei. We unite our prayers with Lei in petition to St. Francis and St. Huber. All glory is Yours, now and forever. Amen.

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