Troopers health review

From MJ:

Dear Susi and Team,

Please pray with me again for Trooper, my cat who has mast cell cancer. He sees his oncologist tomorrow for a follow-up and blood work. Trooper is a special cat who has had his share of adversities with diabetes, a ruptured disk, and a splenectomy when he was diagnosed with mast cell. Yet, through it all, he has lived up to his name and is a real trooper! Please ask Our Good Lord to have mercy on Trooper and if it is HIS will, to allow Trooper to live a long, happy, cancer-free life. Many thanks for all you do on behalf of sick animals.

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One Response to “Troopers health review”

  1. Susi Pittman says:

    Dear Jesus, may Your healing hand continue to be upon Trooper and may You bless the care his veterinarian gives to him. You are gracious and merciful O Lord. Amen.

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