Bud’s safety and return

From Judy R:

I ask that you please pray for the safe return of my dog, Bud. I love him very much. I had to leave my sanctuary farm yesterday to get horse feed. My Rottweiler, who is an inside dog was left outside. It was a nice day with rare sunshine, and the rest of the week is to be very cold. I have left him outside before I when I leave for the past four years and he ha always been here to greet me. Missing with him is a foster dog, a young Lab. My two Border Collies are still at the remote farm. I live in an area where you can only see the nearest neighbor in the winter time. I am on a hill and well away from roads and the nearest road is well away and scarcely traveled. Bud has never gone from the farm and when I call him he is there immediately. I have asked St. a Anthony and St. Pia to intercede on his behalf. I need this wonderful dog in my life, he is a big part of it. I am a widow, and a senior and I care for my animals like children. I have no children, I married late in life. I always have dedicated myself to helping others and helping animals. I am a very strong believer in the Love of Jesus and The Power of Prayer. Please pray for my beloved dog to come home safely. Thank you.

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One Response to “Bud’s safety and return”

  1. admin says:

    Dear Jesus, since receiving this news, we have prayed for Bud’s safety first and for his return home to Judy. We unite our prayers with Judy through the intercessions of St. Anthony and Saint Padre Pia that Bud may be returned. Lord, when dealing with the unknown, we hold Your hand and trust that You will take care of Bud. Your gaze never leaves our beloved pets until they are forever in Your presence in eternity. Please assist us precious Jesus we pray. Amen.

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