Prayer for McCoy

From Dee K:

Please pray for my beloved McCoy. McCoy is my 16 year old domestic long hair cat. We took her to the vet this morning because she had an ingrown nail and some bad matting in her coat. When the vet examined her she found that McCoy has ear mites, overactive thyroid (which accounts for her skinnyness) and several other serious problems. We did not realize she was so ill. PLEASE pray with us for her to be restored to health. We dearly love her and I have always known she was a special gift from God to me. She came into my life soon after my mother died. McCoy is the gentlest cat I ahve ever known – she does not bit scratch or chase other animals – she even lets the squirrels eat from her outdoor dish. McCoy is like a little child – she goes outside for an hour or two and then comes in and never hunts or prowls. Please pray that she gets well.

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One Response to “Prayer for McCoy”

  1. Susi and Team says:

    Dear Jesus, we ask You for Your healing hand upon McCoy. May she receive Your blessing of good health and may You guide the veterinarian in her care of McCoy. We pray a special blessing of peace upon Dee, a good steward who embraces Your love and beauty that shines through McCoy. Amen.

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