Pray for Ruby

From Victoria:

The Dr. admitted today that my 6 month old puppy- Ruby (diagnosed with Parvo) has hit rock bottom. She is unable to retain much of the vital nutrients and medicines that are being given to her intravenously. She expels them via vomitting or diarrhea. She has also lost a lot of blood. They finally let us see her for a quick moment today to tell her we love her. It was heartbreaking to say the least. She didn’t look like herself. . She didn’t look like she had much fight left. This has been the biggest nightmare of my life! I wish I could just wake up and it be all over. . She is back in my arms, running, jumping, playing with Chloe (her doggy sister) again. I would do anything! PLEASE friends, I know you have been praying for many other babies tonight, but I ask that tonight you not forget my Ruby. Please pray as hard as you can! I swear I will be forever grateful. If she gets through this hurdle, I will be the happiest girl alive! If you can- please ask anyone you know to pray for my angel too. I think the more love, support, prayers and positive energy we can get for Ruby as possible is her only hope. :’(

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One Response to “Pray for Ruby”

  1. Susi and Team says:

    Dear Jesus, Ruby is Your creation and You know her situation. Parvo is a terrible disease and one that ends so many puppies lives. We ask for a miracle here. Whether here or hereafter Lord, we ask for Your loving and comforting hand upon Ruby, who exists here and will exist hereafter because You so willed it. Please Lord, send Your Angel of comfort to Victoria, that she may rest in the peace of knowing that Ruby will always be in Your hands. Praise to God who calls all that is good back home to be with Him. Amen.

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