I was told my pet would not be in heaven

From Karen C:

Good morning My name is Karen I lost my 2 year old cat, Cheddar 9/21. He had cardiomyopathy and died suddenly. I was raised Catholic and attended Catholic school. I spoke to a priest and was told pets do not go to heaven. I am devastated. I miss my cat so much, he was only 2 years old and I am angry for the time I hoped to spend and take care of him was taken so abruptly. I am having a hard time finding peace now that he passed as the church does not believe pets will be reunited with us. I remember being told the Pope believes our pets are in Heaven. I pray Cheddar is okay and didn’t just cease to exist. Cheddar and I had a close bond, he was “just an animal” but he was very special to me and I believe God created him and was sent to me for a reason. I am having such doubts in my faith right now. I have spoke to many that do believe that our pets are waiting for us when it is our time. I don’t know who to turn to for comfort that there is a reason my cat is longer here and for the lack of faith I am feeling right now. Thank you for listening.

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One Response to “I was told my pet would not be in heaven”

  1. Susi and Team says:

    Dearest Jesus, may Your peace and the power and truth of the Holy Spirit fall upon Karen’s heart and soul and give her peace in knowing that yes, all creatures return home to their Creator. Praise to our Loving God! Amen.

    Karen: for one week beginning Tuesday, December 9th, this website will feature 2 very important articles on Pope Francis and animals in heaven. I have written a response to the “good news” that has been lost from our faith over the past 50 years due to what I feel is a subversion of Catholic theology. One of the most inspirational books I read during my research for my book, Animals in Heaven? Catholics Want To Know! was called, The Church and Kindness To Animals. It is a wonderful compilation of affirming messages from Popes, Cardinals, Saints and Priests on the love that God has for all creation and the redemption of the whole of creation.

    In The Catechism of the Catholic Church, Second Edition, on page 84, point 321, it states—Divine providence consists of the dispositions by which God guides ALL creatures with wisdom and love to their ultimate end.—And again on page 90, point 353, it states, —God willed the diversity of his creatures and their own particular goodness, their interdependence, and their order. He destined ALL material creatures for the good of the human race. Man, and through him ALL creation, is DESTINED FOR THE GLORY OF GOD. (Where all will be all in God)

    It is a shame that so many Catholic priests (certainly not our Franciscan and Carmelite friars and monks) have so mislead their flock. Believe me, I heard it too!

    Take heart Karen and rejoice that Jesus forgets not His own. For it is IN Him and THROUGH Him that ALL creation enters this world, and ALL creation will exit. Humankind will be judged, and the nonhuman creation will move to its eternal reward prepared for it.

    Peace dear sister,


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