For kittens safety from harm

From Mark G:

Please pray for the kitties I feed. I have a garage it is insulated & I have 2 heat lamps. I have a heated water bowl & soft & dry food. Which I change daily. I have chronic pain due to back & neck surgeries. I’m 67 years old. The problem is people call animal Control & they trap them & kill them. It breaks my heart. Please pray for them to be safe & for people to have compassion for them. Mark

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One Response to “For kittens safety from harm”

  1. Susi and Team says:

    Dear Jesus, for those kittens that are disposed of, may You receive them back home where they will want and need no longer, as they rest in Your kingdom forever. We pray for a Trap, Neuter & Release program for this county. And please Lord, bless Mark and his kind heart in his efforts to accommodate the kittens through the winter. He is Your good steward and we pray Your special blessing upon him. Amen.

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