Prayer for Millie

From Jaci:

Dear St Francis and all other Saints who loved God’s animals. I pray for your intercession for my sister’s sweet old dog Millie. She has a cancer of the tongue. It is hard for her to eat and drink. Please ease any of Millie’s suffering and make all of her remaining days with my sister and her family as joyful and comfortable as possible. Jesus all are possible for you and we know that you sent us animals as companions and comforts. So if it is Your will, I ask you to heal Millie. Amen

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One Response to “Prayer for Millie”

  1. Susi and Team says:

    Dearest Jesus, Millie rests in Your hands of mercy. You alone know her time here, before she is present once again with You in heaven. We graciously thank you for her life to the family who has loved her through her earthly life and ask Your blessing of peace upon their household as they make this journey with Millie. If it is Your will Lord, we ask for a miracle. We know that the greatest miracle to come is an eternal life with You with all that we have loved. Most especially, those pet family members who share and reflect Your unconditional love for the whole of creation. What a glorious promise to come! Praise and glory is Yours now and forever. Amen.

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