Volunteering at No Kill Shelter

From Nicole I:

I recently started volunteering at a no kill animal rescue shelter. I am shocked by the many dogs and cats that are homeless. I am struggling with the dogs remaining in cages and brought out twice a day for a walk. I am having a hard time with some of these dogs who have been there so long being put on Prozac. I have two dogs of my own and cannot adopt more but I am networking as much as I can to get the ones at the shelter adopted. However, many of these dogs get adopted and then are returned probably due to conditioning too long at the shelter so they have a hard time trusting the new owner and get snappy. I want to continue but I struggle with what is actually right for the animal, just being provided food and shelter seems not enough and the environment seems to be taking a toll on some of the dogs. Please give me some advice , thank you.

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One Response to “Volunteering at No Kill Shelter”

  1. admin says:

    Dear Jesus, here we have a great and loving steward who is willing to walk in the shadows of our irresponsibility and cast offs. Please Lord, fortify her with Your Holy Spirit in her work and help her in her dark moments. You Lord promise life eternal for not only those who are redeemed but, for the whole of creation. How great is Your love…You Lord are the Hound of Heaven, pursuing all that is Good and bringing all home to the home fires of Your eternity. Praise be Your Name Jesus forever! Amen.

    I feel your sadness and certain frustration with what you deal with. Most No-Kill shelters are at capacity and the adoptions are slow. People would rather support a greedy breeder and their pet trade business than help what they consider to be “someone else’s” dog. What people don’t understand is they aren’t someone else’s dog, they are a creature given life to be a gift to all and in need of LOVE. The numbers are overwhelming and it takes a strong constitution to daily be there for these beautiful, loving dogs. You are right about the “shelter conditioning” and there are some dogs that will certainly require patience and care in moving outside the shelter into a new home. Some shelters have these “half-way” or “foster” homes that help condition dogs before processing them into homes. We both know that we cannot help them all. This is where I have to turn those animals that I cannot help over to Jesus. He knows. They entered this world through Him, they will exit this world the same way. These dogs may not have the life they deserved here (i.e. like many, many humans), but they will have it when they are called back home…back to the one that loves all the GOOD He created. The suffering we see should always turn our eyes to Jesus, who suffered for ALL, and give us great confidence to approach Him with our own. Allow this thought to rest in your mind and heart. Do what you can and offer your struggles or sadness to Jesus along with the dogs that you love. He sees and will NEVER forget them OR you! I promise you that! They will know true LOVE in the end…and that love will never end. Peace be with you dear sister. ~Susi

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