Continued prayers for Trooper

From Mary G (MJ):

Dear prayer warriors,

Please continue praying for my sweet Trooper, who has mast cell cancer. After his last oncology appointment, his doctor switched Trooper to another chemo because the one that had been working so well seems to have lost its efficacy in that new skin masses were starting to crop up. Even after starting on the new chemo, Trooper has many new skin masses since starting that new chemo two weeks ago. He sees the oncologist again on Monday, Oct 6, and I suspect the doctor will want to switch to yet another chemo. Please pray with me for favorable results, and that if the doctor does switch chemos again, that it will work very long-term and that Trooper will have no ill effects from it. Thank you, and know that I visit and pray at this site every day for your furbabies, too. Asking Our Good Lord to hear and answer our prayers for the good health and well-being of our beloved furbabies.

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One Response to “Continued prayers for Trooper”

  1. Susi and Team says:

    Dear Jesus, our prayers are with Mary and Trooper today. Lord as you will it. All things are possible with and through You. Please Jesus, we pray for a miracle healing for this beloved pet and a special blessing of peace upon Mary. St. Francis we plead your intercessions before the Lord. All praise to our Creator. Amen.

    Mary, we all have been praying for you both today. We thank you for your prayers for others and their animals…we are so grateful. ~Susi

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