Prayer answered for Blanqueta, continued prayers for Chico

From Monica S:

Blanqueta And Chico in need of more prayer. You prayed for Blanqueta and the ASPCA in New York agreed to treat her with an opthomologist on what appear to be cataracts without cost. But the problem is getting to New York as our van is not that new and so I continue to believe God wants her healed. Chico the galgo has been so healthy and doing well. He is eating very well but strains a wee bit to eliminate and stopped losing weight and maybe added a pound so far or two. Chico still sensitive. Continue to pray for our two saintly companions as some progress is being made. We need them and they need us. Thankyou Lord for your love of creation and animals for which you sent prayer warriors and intercessory saints. May we smile again together with our furry friends Blanqueta and Chico.

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One Response to “Prayer answered for Blanqueta, continued prayers for Chico”

  1. Susi and Team says:

    Dear Jesus, we thank you for prayers answered. All glory is Yours! We ask Dearest Lord that you assist Monica in her journey to New York, giving her family a safe trip. Please extend Your hand of mercy to Chico and bring him back to good health and comfort. Nothing escapes Your eye Lord, nothing. And we thank You!!! Amen.

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