Prayers for Chico and Blanqueta

From Monica S:

Prayers needed for Chico the galgo. He suddenly had difficulty eliminating and did not eat well. He is eating well again but has gotten very thin. Gave him pumpkin and vitamins which contain digestive enzymes and something for his eyes, He is only 10 years and I am distressed as he was so healthy with a beautiful coat. He took ill the same time as our toy poodle Blanqueta who did not feel well and suddenly developed cataracts. Blanqueta is doing much better, lively but needs a miracle for her eyes. Praying for a miracle for both of our beloved companions who comfort us in our old age. They have time yet, still not that old. Have prayed to St Francis, St Anthony, St Joseph and Blessed Virgin Mary to intercede.

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One Response to “Prayers for Chico and Blanqueta”

  1. Susi and Team says:

    Dear Jesus, we ask you through the intercessions of the Holy Arch Angels that You place a healing upon Chico and Blanqueta. Angels please come to Monica’s aid. In Your name Jesus. Amen.

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