Prayers for Spike Jones’ Swift Recovery & Mr. Collins’ Good Health

From Stephania:

Please pray for the speedy complete healing of my 11 yr. old kitty Spike Jones. I just used my last money to take him to the doctor/meds. They think he has a virus. I don’t have money for testing. Please pray that my other kitty Ms. Collins is cured of all sickness as well. May they both live many more years here on earth.I feel like I’m letting them both down. I feel worthless. Please pray for me too. Thank you.

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One Response to “Prayers for Spike Jones’ Swift Recovery & Mr. Collins’ Good Health”

  1. Susi and Team says:

    Dear Jesus, we unite our prayers with Stephania for a healing for her kitties. If it is Your will Jesus, may both be healed. We know that ALL things in creation are given their time and purpose here and find their fullness once again with You. May Your peace and the holy mantle of peace of Our Blessed Mother cover Stephania. There are some things You ask us to accept and to journey in complete faith with You on. For it will be in meeting You face to face that we will come to understand. All glory is Yours My Lord. Amen.

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