Prayers for Blanqueta’s Comfort & Swift Healing

From Monica S.:

Pray for my toy poodle Blanqueta. Her eyes look clouded and we cannot afford a vet. She is older and her vision is weak. I pray that she does not go blind and that if the Lord so wills he will be her surgeon and vet or if He so wills he will send a vet to help and I will know. At times she seems to be blind and at other times no. I love her so, she actually chose me and fell in love with me. Her well being then is in my hands and now the Divine Physician Jesus. I have prayed daily for her health and happiness, so I am saddened. Please heal my Blanqueta!!!!!

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One Response to “Prayers for Blanqueta’s Comfort & Swift Healing”

  1. Susi and Team says:

    Dear Jesus, we unite our prayers with Monica for her ailing Blanqueta. May Your comforting hand be upon them both. Blanqueta was Yours first, You created her out of love and presented her to Monica. All that You love returns to You at its appointed time. We ask for a miracle healing for Blanqueta. But, as You will it Jesus, lover of all Creation. Amen.

    Monica, I will pray for your strength to help Blanqueta through this. Please know that the Lord hears all Your prayers. Sometimes, He asks us to hear Him back in the still small voice we find in the quieting of our heart and mind. Be at peace and know that nothing slips from His gaze. Peace dear sister. Susi

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