Prayers of Thanksgiving for Honey, Tigre, Clover, Molly & Brandi

From Bev:

I want to thank JESUS for giving me several dogs but especially Honey my golden retriever who passed away 1-18-2013. Also for Tigre who passed away 1-2000 and was a llaso apso. Both dogs were devoted to me and so full of love. Thank you for I had both 11 years and still miss them. I want to thank him for Clover the basset hound, and Molly a llaso apso. we currently have Brandi a Bichon and our last animal. Thank you for all the LOVE you sent me from heaven on earth. I know I will see them again….because they were good dogs.

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One Response to “Prayers of Thanksgiving for Honey, Tigre, Clover, Molly & Brandi”

  1. Susi and Team says:

    Dearest Jesus, we ask Your special blessing on this Your good and faithful servant Bev. She has embraced and loved that which You brought into her life for care and concern. May Your blessings fall upon her current pet family abundantly and may the reunion that is to come be beyond measure! All praise and glory to Jesus, Lord of Creation. Amen.

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