Prayers of Thanksgiving for Marty & Peace and Comfort for Arlene

From Arlene C.:

Our loving and very missed cat, Marty, was with us for 19 years. He was smart, very lovable and gave us much love. He was rescued from our local pet hospital when someone left him there in hopes of anyone would want him. It was love at first sight. He craved attention and loved to be held. He made sure at bed time we were going to go to bed and he was waiting at the bedroom door to let us know he was ready and wanted us to follow. He would crawl into bed and under the sheets with his head on the pillow where he slept happily. When he got sick and had to be put to sleep it broke our hearts. His warmth and love for us is such a void but memories are treasured.

His presence is so missed but I’m sure he is giving his love to one of our Lord’s angels and is waiting patiently for our return to him. We thank God everyday for the time we had him and pray his years with us were happy for him. My heart is still breaking, I pray our Lord will ease my heart.

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One Response to “Prayers of Thanksgiving for Marty & Peace and Comfort for Arlene”

  1. Susi and Team says:

    Dear Jesus, we pray Your loving and reassuring arms around Arlene. Your great gift of Marty in her life was such a blessing. She knows that he lives in Your perfect kingdom awaiting the reunion that You have planned at the appointed time. Bless her in her stewardship of loving creation and its creatures. All glory and honor is Yours now and forever. Amen.

    PS: Arlene, Marty had the best life ever because of you. I am united to you in your loss, but also in your faith. Peace be with you dear sister. Susi

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