Prayers of Thanksgiving & Remembrance of Bonehead

From Marcy:

Thank you for all your prayers for my cat Bonehead. Because of his condition (anemia), his vet felt he would be able to transition in a peaceful, gradual way at home and I was very grateful to hear that. On Saturday 3/8/14 at 10:01pm, he passed to Heaven where he has joined his favorite cat companion Moshe Katz. Fortunately, I was able to be there with him and I hope that made him feel safe and loved. He definitely was a cat that enjoyed life, people, playing, purring, petting, snuggling, brushing, sunbeams, wrestling with Moshe Katz, adorable meows, eating, drinking water, etc. Even though I was caretaking him for a long time during his illness, I now realize that during the entire time, he was still enjoying all those same things that he loved and every day included his extraordinary purrs and his pleasure in the delicious, special foods I fed him. He was always willing to take the medicines and supplement I gave him so I felt like we were working together as a team in his care. Plus, we got to spend so much time together during this time, and that was very meaningful to me. We had Bonehead’s funeral Sunday and his final resting place is a beautiful spot beneath the red delicious apple tree in my yard, next to Moshe Katz. If you would like to say any special prayers for Bonehead, it would be appreciated very much and I do truly appreciate the support you have given me during this time. Thank you and God Bless You.

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One Response to “Prayers of Thanksgiving & Remembrance of Bonehead”

  1. Susi and Team says:

    Thank you Marcy. What a beautiful relationship and a life well lived!

    In the name of God the Father, who created you Marcy’s beloved pet,
    in the name of Jesus the Son, through whom you came into this world,
    in the name of the Holy Spirit, in whom every creature exists and has their being,
    We unite our hearts with Marcy as she releases you to go now in peace her dearest friend.
    You have been her constant companion, her confidante and her beloved partner.
    You filled her days with life and brought her joys beyond measure.
    For this we thank Our Father who gave you to her.
    May you find rest in eternal beauty and be warmed by the eternal sun.
    May your new life in the Master’s house find you in blessed playful bliss.
    Now return to your Maker who eagerly awaits you as you waited for Marcy at the end of each day. In the Father’s arms you are safe forever.
    Goodbye for now.
    Blessed are you Lord God of Creation. Amen.

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