Urgent Prayers for Buddy’s Peace & Behavior Modification

From Joe S.:

My family has been fostering Buddy, a large Yorkshire Terrier with serious behavior issues. We’ve had him for about four months. He’s a product of a puppy mill and a year long stay at a pet store. His original owner abandoned him to the streets of West Philadelphia. He’s extremely anxious and has many triggers that set him into a aggressive, biting frenzy. We are taking him to a specialist for behavior modification and he is on anxiety meds, all at our own expense. In spite of this, my wife and I have been bit at least once a week for the past month, sometimes severely. When he is not anxious, he’s the smartest, most lovable dog you could know.

The problem is that we’re rapidly approaching our limit. Our house is a boot camp, our own pets have been kept separate from him and we fear that he might bite someone else or do us serious damage. We can barely take him out for a walk, let alone groom him. If the current meds don’t show a drastic change and if the behavior training doesn’t start working very soon, I’m afraid we will have to put him down. It’s either that or someone has to take over for us; someone with no other pets and a more contolled environment, who could work with him more intensely.

We are literally a few weeks (maybe days) away from this horrible decision. I was bit again this morning and today has been a mixed bag for him.

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One Response to “Urgent Prayers for Buddy’s Peace & Behavior Modification”

  1. Susi and Team says:

    Joe, this is an agonizing situation. This poor little guy was brought into this world and then through the lack of love and stewardship of human beings, he was mistreated and marked both physically and psychologically, through no fault of his own. Perhaps one of the greatest minds on dog behavior is Cesar Milan. I offer you this link to his website: http://www.cesarsway.com/channel/dog-behavior/dog-aggression

    Joe, you and your family are ultimately going to make the decision that will be made for this dog. God bless you all and your other family pet members for offering Buddy a loving second chance. No matter what, know that you did what you were capable of to the enth-degree in working with him. All of us here at catholic stewards of creation will be praying for all of you. Know that Jesus who sees all, KNOWS your heart and He will take care of Buddy whatever the situation. There are just some things in life that we can’t and will not be capable of understanding. These are the things that we place at the Feet of the Master for His will. Peace be with you.

    Dearest Jesus, You know and love Joe and his family, both human and pet…please enfold them in the Holy Spirit and bless them on this journey. We pray for the intercession of St. Francis for peace of mind and heart for them. We unite our prayers with them and their suffering on dealing with Buddy. May Holy Mary be with them and guide them. Thank you Jesus for all the beauty and the trials of life. In each, we find our way to You. Amen.

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