Continued Prayers for Bonehead’s Healing & Progress

From Marcy:

Please continue to pray for Bonehead, my lovable cat. Please pray that he eats well and keeps his strength up, drinks plenty of water and stays hydrated, continues to eat and drink and go to the litter both when I am home and when I am away at work. Please pray that he feels very good and relaxed for his vet visit on 2/25/14 at 3pm EST and he has very good results from his blood-work. Please pray that his vets and I are guided to know how best to continue to treat him and what medicines will be best for him. Please pray for his good health in his heart, thyroid, kidney, breathing, digestion, hydration, mood, energy, all fluids properly balanced. Thank you very much for your prayers and God Bless You.

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One Response to “Continued Prayers for Bonehead’s Healing & Progress”

  1. Susi and Team says:

    Marcy, it is good to hear that Bonehead continues to progress in good health! :)

    Dear Jesus, Bonehead has certainly been in the palm of Your hands of late. We thank You dearest Jesus for Your concern and continued strengthening of this sweet cat. If it pleases You Dearest Lord, may the goodness continue. Gracious thanks Dear Jesus. Amen.

    St. Damian and St. Cosmas come to Bonehead’s aid.
    St. Francis pray for Marcy and Bonehead.

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