Prayers for Eternal Reunion With Clara & a Family’s Comfort

From Monica S.:

My galgo (spanish greyhound) named Clara was put to sleep before Christmas. She was old, a rescue and extremely thin and weak. I thought the vet would rehydrate her, but she mustered all of her strength that morning and fought us not to take her from the house, did she know???? She did not want to die??? I still mourn her passing, she was all sweetness. After a friend prayed one evening as we fell asleep we heard her call and I answered her Clara, Clara and shortly there after she called again. But this time more peaceful and sweet. The greyhound people made the decision right away believing she was suffering, but she always slept so peaceful and was eating heartily, a lot.

Please pray, I promised her we would be together again in heaven.

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One Response to “Prayers for Eternal Reunion With Clara & a Family’s Comfort”

  1. Susi and Team says:

    Dear Jesus, we pray that Your loving peace embrace Monica. Your reasons for calling Clara home are known to You, for You know all things. Monica loved Clara dearly and their parting has left a great deal of grief in Monica’s heart. May she have the peace of knowing that You Lord love all the “good” that You have created, especially Clara,given Monica as a gift and that You Lord do not forget ANYTHING “good.” Clara was Your reflection of unconditional love to Monica and we know that Clara rests in Your eternal peace promised to ALL creation. May the reunion that is to come, on the day that You appoint be immeasurably happy for both of them. All glory is Yours forever! Amen.

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