Prayers for Speedy’s Healing & Comfort and Giovanna’s Guidance & Peace

From Giovanna:

Please prayer for my 16 year old cat Speedy. He had an op to remove cancer from his nose and after 6 weeks his nose hasn’t healed -and he has severe breathing problems. I was going to euthanize him today but an hour before appoint he suddenly started to breathe properly so I cancelled it. Please prayer for either his full recovery or for me to be brave and put him to sleep. I don’t want to lose him as I have already lost two beloved cats this year and a third loss is unbearable.

Thank you,


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One Response to “Prayers for Speedy’s Healing & Comfort and Giovanna’s Guidance & Peace”

  1. Susi and Team says:

    Dear Jesus, only You know the outcome for this beloved cat. Lord, we ask for a miracle healing for Speedy. We ask that the Holy Spirit fall upon Giovanna and give her the fortitude she needs to make the journey. Holy Mary, please throw Your mantle over Giovanna and Speedy and present them to Your Son. If possible, please give them just a little more time together, in the name of Jesus. Amen.

    So sorry this post is late, we have all been praying for all those requests that came in prior to Christmas and are now able to post our prayers.

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