Prayers for Clara’s Comfort & Healing

From Monica S.:

Pray for my galgo (spanish grayhound) Clara who is very old and very thin. Her rear legs are weakened and so is she. Nevertheless, she continues to eat enormous amounts of food and is difficult to care for because she is over 40 lbs. Praying she continues to walk w/o a sling and continues w/o pain PTL. She is so sweet even her voice has a sweet quality. She is a rescue who has suffered in her past. A natural therapy dog. We do not have much money and the vet we saw was disgraceful, so Clara needs the saints and the Lord!!!!!!!!

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One Response to “Prayers for Clara’s Comfort & Healing”

  1. Susi and Team says:

    Dearest Lord, we ask that by Your Angels, You guide Monica in her care for Clara. Through the intercession of St. Anthony and St. Raphael, we ask for Your healing hand upon this great pup who has been through so much. Praise be Your name above all others Jesus. Amen.

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