Prayers for Nirvana’s Healing

From Michele:

Please pray for our beloved Turkish Van, Nirvana. She has not been eating much lately and is due for a scope of her throat to try to determine what is causing her problem. She is 16 but has always been in excellent health so we are hoping that she will recover from whatever is affecting her and enjoy the rest of her senior cat years without pain. We pray that the saints intercede and ask for your prayers. Jesus, please bless and heal Nirvana; Your will be done.

Thank you, prayer team.

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One Response to “Prayers for Nirvana’s Healing”

  1. Susi and Team says:

    Dearest Lord, we unite our prayers with Michele for her beloved Nirvana. You Jesus are the Divine Physician. Please place Your healing hand upon Nirvana as we pray for a miracle. May Your comfort and love envelope Michele and family as they care for this dear pet family member, Your gift to them. Saint Francis and St. Anthony intercede for us. St. Raphael, please pray before the throne of God for us. Jesus, Lord of Creation, we ask for Your mercy. Amen.

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