Thanksgiving for Bonehead’s Progress & Continued Prayers for His Full Recovery

From Marcy:

Thank you for your prayers for Bonehead, my lovable and cuddly cat. While he can’t really run around without getting winded, his breathing is improved while he is resting or quiet and I have noticed that his energy and purring have increased, especially in the morning. His appetite is better than before but sometimes he eats less if I pick a flavor of cat food that may not be one of his favorites. Please pray that I will be guided to know which food is best for him. At times, I don’t know if he eats an ample amount to support his health and I pray that he eats enough (even if it is not the higher quality brand of food) to maintain his weight and hydration, or gain back any weight he lost. Please pray that he continues to feel well and that his health continues to improve. Thank you very much and God Bless You.

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One Response to “Thanksgiving for Bonehead’s Progress & Continued Prayers for His Full Recovery”

  1. Susi and Team says:

    Marcy, we are so happy to hear that Bonehead is getting better. Praise be Jesus who lets nothing escape His heavenly gaze.

    Dear Jesus, we ask through the intercession of St. Anthony that Marcy is aided in her care of Bonehead. We thank You Jesus for prayers answered and know that You weave a perfect tapestry of love in heaven awaiting those who trust You. Amen.

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