Special Prayers for Peace & Comfort for Ray Following the Recent Passing of His Beloved Pet, Sundari

From Ray W.:

Three weeks ago today my fifth Rhodesian Ridgeback dog passed on. She had just turned 13 years old in July. I have been more then extremely close to all 5 of them since 1978 but, this one followed me everywhere and would not leave me out of her sight. Every day she would smother me with kisses. She weighted 150 lbs. and was so gentle she never showed her teeth at anyone as did my others that were also large. I’ve grieved for all of my dogs that passed on but, never as much as I have for Sundari. I’m 78 years old and did not grieve as much for my parents after death. I read Susi Pittman’s book when it first came out and I pray that what I read is truly what and where my pet is and will be after I die. To Jesus through Mary!

~Ray W., Minnesota

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One Response to “Special Prayers for Peace & Comfort for Ray Following the Recent Passing of His Beloved Pet, Sundari”

  1. Susi and Team says:

    Ray, what a magnificent animal your Sundari was! Her temperament was a sign of her special gift given her by Jesus just for you. In meditations upon Jesus and creation, I have often seen in interior inspiration, Our Lord, the Lion of Judah, surrounded by Rhodesian Ridgebacks who guard him with dedicated love and purity. I believe their use in Africa to keep lions at bay, was a product of man’s fall into sin. They were made for a higher calling of service. In Heaven, they are the “Lion’s” hounds. :) They are certainly protectors, first and foremost and secondly unequaled in their love and devotion.

    Jesus, You have called Sundari home. She is now in Your house and awaits the return of her beloved Ray to be with You and she. Please wrap Ray in Your arms of peace. And when the time for reunion is called, we ask that You prepare the greatest homecoming ever…where all are eternally united in Your love. Amen.

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