A Prayer for Blue

From Jessica:

Please pray for my beloved dog Blue. He is a 9 y/o husky mix and has terrible arthritis in his back legs. We are currently doing laser treatment to try and help the situation. My husband and I are unable to have children, so my Blue has become my child. Thank you so much for your prayers. They mean the world to me. If you could also pray for my husband and I, that we can find the strength to know when its the right time. Thank you so much <3

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One Response to “A Prayer for Blue”

  1. Susi and Team says:

    Jessica, it sounds like Blue is a wonderful guy! In dealing with Blue’s treatments, “listen” to what Blue tells you in his actions. You sound like you are very cognizant of this in your relationship. When that day comes, Blue will tell you in his actions and in his eyes. Thank you for being noble, and preparing to face that time.

    Dear Jesus, you gave the gift of Blue to Jessica and her husband, and their lives have been so blessed together. We ask Lord that Your healing hand be upon this wonderful pet family member and that St. Damian and St. Cosmos intercede before You for the skillful hands of the veterinarian who is working to help Blue. All that exists does so as you will it, and some extended time for this little family to be together would be so greatly appreciated. You are great O Lord, and we thank You for Your mercy. Amen.

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