Prayers for Molly, Lilly, & Penny

From Deb A.:

Please pray for my cats. Molly is 14 years old. She is having pain in her rear hips, legs and is walking slowly. She is also getting cataracts. She has a sinus infection and has been on antibiotics and they haven’t resolved the infection. Lilly is 11 years old. She has been urinating inappropriately on our beds, and other areas. She doesn’t have a UTI. She had a kidney stone. But doesn’t like the special diet for kidney problems. She also freaks out at our youngest cat Penny. Penny has been here a couple years. Sometimes they get along, other times it’s screaming from Lilly. This started when my Mom had a stroke a couple of years ago. We have another cat that is like a brother to Lilly. They still get along, but instead of them always being together and sleeping together, Lilly and her brother are by themselves a lot since the personality change. We’ve tried extra cat boxes, feliway, lavender, and prozac! Our cats need a miracle and healing. Mom and I aren’t working and don’t want to lose our babies. Please Lord and St. Francis and all the Saints, please heal my cats and have mercy on them. Thank you for listening and for the prayers.

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One Response to “Prayers for Molly, Lilly, & Penny”

  1. Susi and Team says:

    Deb, having multiple cats myself, I know how the community dynamics can be challenging. I have learned to allow the cats to decide where they feel most comfortable and allow them to be there. I actually have 2 cats who refuse to socialize with the others and choose to live exclusively in my den and adjoining room. Don’t know why, but, this is what they want. Before this, they too were urinating unhappily in places, but for now, all is well. It could change tomorrow, and we would adjust.

    Dear Jesus, please be with Deb and her mother as they care for their beloved cat family members. Through the intercession of St. Gertrude, we pray for enlightenment and direction in their care. In Your Name Jesus, we pray that all that is negative, all that is ill intended and all that is not in Your accord about these cats be sent to the foot of Your Cross where it must remain forever. In Your Name Jesus we pray. All glory and honor is Yours O Lord, now and forever. Amen.

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