Prayers for Diana-Faith Joseph’s Healing

From Stacie Ann B.:

My cat Diana-Faith Joseph needs prayer right now. She is an older and will be 12 in October. She is having problems with going to the bathroom. She is having problems with her stool and she won’t let me clean her. She cries and tries to attack me so I don’t know if she’s in pain. I know it can’t be pleasant for her to not be clean and to have issues with not being able to expel her stool properly. I hope she isn’t having urinary issues as well. I don’t know if she’s emptied her bladder at all. She is drinking water, and eating a little bit. I changed her food today to one for sensitive digestion. I hope that will help her. I am not employed and still in the process of applying for SSI. They keep denying it. The only help and hope for Diana-Faith is God. If you would be kind enough to life her up to God in your prayers. Thank You!

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One Response to “Prayers for Diana-Faith Joseph’s Healing”

  1. Susi and Team says:

    Jesus, we pray for Your hand upon Diana-Faith. Stacie Ann, like so many today, she faces incredible economic odds when it comes to caring for pet family members. Lord may you be gracious with Your mercy and help this kitty in her pain. Bless Stacie Ann in her love as she cares for this beautiful friend. All glory is Yours Lord. Amen,

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